Thursday, March 24, 2011

I can do Yoga

At my age, having a regular exercise routine is important, but getting myself to be consistent about doing it, is also a challenge.  Jogging, Zumba, Turbo Hip-Hop, and all those classes that involve body parts bouncing up and down, is not for me.

A few years ago, our daughter had suggested that I try doing some Yoga exercises and perhaps join a class.  I was very reluctant to join these classes, since my body was not really the "bendable" type.  The thought of me, twisting my body around in a shape of a pretzel, sounded like an immediate trip to the emergency room.  I did join a Yoga class.  On my first day,  the instructor told us to lie down, flat on our back, close our eyes and focus on our breathing.....I immediately knew, that I was going to love this class.

It's been a few years now, that I've been practicing Yoga.  I do admit that I was away from it for a while and I've just recently joined a group, at the "Y". But, just like riding a bicycle, I got back into the routine with not too much of a problem.  Fortunately, the "Y" is located near the hospital, which makes it a faster trip to the ER, just in case I get "stuck" doing a "pretzel pose". 

If you haven't tried Yoga, you may want to consider it.  It really is an excellent and low-impact exercise program that stretches all your muscles, even those muscles that you never knew you had! It also helps you to relax your mind. I do admit, that sometimes it can be a bit tough trying to meditate and not to think about what I'll be having for lunch, after the session. Once you start the exercise, you'll soon learn why "downward facing dog" and the "child's pose", will become your favorite part of the routine.  The nice thing that I've also learned,  is that Yoga works for me.  I really can do it.    Namaste.......

This is not me, but I did this pose today! Yaaaay!

This is definitely not me, but I'm still working on the pose


ArtMuse Dog and Carol said...

I know isn't it wonderful! Yoga and meditation ~ I love and walking ~ so gentle to the mind, body and spirit ~ Great post ~ Come by Blog Frog community and create your own post ~ love to have you ~ ^_^

It's Sew You! llc said...

What really surprises me about Yoga, is the actually physical workout that one gets.

Glad to meet you, Carol and thanks for your compliments and for your invitation to join your community on Blog Frog...... Nancy