Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New to Blogging and a New Website

Why am I blogging? Well, I've decided to try a few different things this year. Opening up my website selling my handmade items and venturing off to doing this. Thought the two would work well together, so I can share my experiences. My Grand Opening was on January 15, 2010. My husband surprised me with some beautiful flowers and a bottle of champagne. Within the first week, I got my first sale. Yaaaay!! For the many years that I've sewn for myself and family, crocheted and knitted gifts for family and friends, I've decided to give it a "shot" and sell it online. It's truly a "labor of love" for me, doing all this "stuff". I've been blessed to have the love and support from my family.

Each day I will work on something different to add to my website. It may not be finished the same day, but at least I've started . My "Culinary Crochet" collection will eventually grow. My "Faux Sushi" is popular, and today, I'm working on a crocheted "dessert dish".

Tomorrow, I hope to start another project.