Monday, March 21, 2011

Born to Be Wild

I don't really know who really started the Biker movement in the USA, and what I mean by that,  is when did the Harley Motorcycle love addition begin in the US?  I do love seeing the beautiful motorcycles that Harley Davidson produces.  It seems like there's always a "Harley Davidson" motorcycle that "fits" just about anyone.

1907 Model

A few years back, my husband and I had travelled across our country, via the train.  We had stopped mid-way, and rented a car for about a week. It was such a beautiful trip, as we had seen the most beautiful countryside in the states of North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. We did drive to Sturgis, South Dakota.  Truly, the Biker capital of the world.  Although, we were not there during the annual gathering, it was really nice to see why bikers from all over the world, meet there each year.  It's such a simple town, with no frills and no big city feel to it.  It seems like the perfect spot to drive all across the country to meet others who share the same passion. In the small town of Sturgis, there was this really fun souvenir shop, that sold just about everything you would want, if you were a biker aficionado. We picked up a few souvenirs for our Priest, who also rides a Harley.

If you're a Biker fan or just love wearing the fashions, here's something fun to start off the young ones on your list. These biker booties have become a popular sell and are exclusive to my shop.

It's Sew You!
Biker Booties
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Although I don't ride motorcycles, I appreciate those who do. I truly believe, that you should continue to do what you enjoy doing the most.....Nancy


Ann Marie said...

Someone once asked me why I like to ride my motorcycle, I told him it was because I wanted to know why my dogs love to hang their heads out the windows, I truly understand now, but you can't put the feeling into words. There is one word that comes close, and that is FREEDOM!

It's Sew You! llc said...

Great answer, Ann Marie!...Thank God for our Freedoms!

My husband did ride, years ago, when we had lived in California. One time, his car was in the shop and had to use his motorcycle to pick up our daughter from school. Here she is, wearing her school uniform and lunch box in hand, riding with Dad. Twenty years later, he still talks about it.