Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Understanding the Tax Codes is Similar to Learning a New Crochet Stitch

Whew! The Tax Season is now over and my taxes are filed and on its way.

I've got to admit that it was a trying and challenging year for me, when it came to preparing my tax forms. Thankfully, the software that I'd purchased, helped me out tremendously. God Bless the companies that created them.

Have you taken a peek at the Internal Revenue Codes (IRC), lately?
Why are there so many codes? ....and, Why do they keep adding more, each year?  ...Is what I'd like to know

Here's a sampling of the "helpful" abbreviations that was offered on that site. Now remember, this is suppose to help us, while reading the actual IRC.

Contains special information as follows:

◦"nt" means note.
◦"nt [tbl]" means note [table].
◦"prec" means preceding.
◦"fr" means a transfer from another section.
◦"to" means a transfer to another section.
◦"new" means a new section or new note.
◦"gen amd" means the section or note is generally amended.
◦"omitted" means the section is omitted.
◦"repealed" means the section or note is repealed.
◦"nt ed chg" and "ed chg" -- See the Editorial Classification Change Table.
◦No entry or "nt" by itself means the section or note is amended.

It's just unbelievably amazing, to think about the time and money spent on writing and publishing these codes.  Is this how are tax dollars are really working for us? I tell ya, I could have finished crocheting a sweater in the time, that it took me to try and understand the tax codes.

Crochet Abbreviations

Anyway, I'd much rather try to figure out how to decipher crochet, knit or sewing patterns.  My time spent on figuring out the pattern abbreviations, will be well worth my efforts.

At least, I'll be able to create something that I can keep for myself.


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