Monday, April 11, 2011

As Seen on TV - See what I couldn't live without

There's probably a dozen items inside my home, that I've purchased from those wonderful "Infomercials" on TV.  They do an excellent job enticing their viewers, but really,  how many of those counter top "cookers", do I really need?

Here's some of the "treasures" that we've purchased over the years, while watching TV:

  • Remember the Original Ginsu Knife: We still a few of these.

Watch the Original Infomercial by clicking here

  • Our first Purchase:  The Ronco Popeil Food Dehydrator , somehow we felt, that we needed one of these:

  • The Pasta Pot Strainer- My husband bought 3 of these Pasta Strainers., 2 were for Christmas gifts, however, they were on backorder and they arrived 2 months after Christmas.
The wonderful, Pedi Paws.  Again, my husband, who really doesn't like to shop, thought that this would be just perfect to trim the nails of our Kitty Cats.  Our kitties were not very pleased with the new gadget.

And yes, the Electric Pasta Maker, is another gadget that I'd bought.  I did like this one!

The Pet Zoom Brush gets "2 Claws Up" from my kitty cats.  We really like this one:

And let us not forget about the "Clapper".  I did buy one of these for my parents, but somehow, I feel I could use one today.

These infomercials are actually entertaining. Each time we see one, we shout out the price, before it's even mentioned.....and you can almost bet that it'll be $19.95.


moonflower20 said...

This is so funny, Nancy, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article about those purchases! I've never bought anything from TV before, but I used to see them, and they always said: "but wait, we'll even throw this in for FREE", and that's the part I really liked! :)

It's Sew You! llc said... are so right about the "free stuff" that they throw's usually 2 of the same item. So when the first one doesn't work out, now what will I do with the second one?...hehehe Glad that you enjoyed reading my article.....:)

Elissa Newton said...

I am the proud owner of a Turbo Cooker which worked great but who has the room. Also a Flowbe {remember those!} I used it on the dog.

It's Sew You! llc said...

Congratulations, Elissa! I don't remember the Flowbe, did your dog like it?